The Student Loan Crisis Exceeds $1 Trillion In The United States.

The cost of high-quality education is anyway expensive in the United States and the sum total of education loans taken by students exceeds $1 trillion. Education in America is extensively becoming unaffordable and leaving students indebted on many occasions for life.

The city with the largest density of population in the United States is Manhattan and over 1 million students are catered to by the K-12 schools located in the city. However, there is just one boarding school on the entire island which is the Leman Manhattan preparatory school. This facility is an elite private education Center located in the southernmost corner of the city. The school educates 700 students beginning in grades from prekindergarten through the 12th grade. It is also a facility which is chosen by around 100 students from throughout the world that are using its boarding facilities.

Leman Manhattan Preparatory School More Expensive Than Harvard

Leman Is Charging An Astounding Amount Of $79,000 Per Year From Students.

Education In the United States is already expensive but the price tag for tuition, boarding and room are an astounding $79,000 every year at the Leman Manhattan school which is approximately $16,000 higher than the fees charged by Harvard. The boarding school allows students to enjoy some perks which are unheard of even in college. Some of the perks include apartment buildings of the luxurious variety and for concierge services.

The Cost of Education In Harvard Costs $63,000.

The school certainly has everything and more to offer to the students that have enrolled to receive an elite education. Their administrators of the school are liberal but also apply some restrictions with the sole aim to develop mature and responsible students. The school functions in a civilized manner and students are taught to switch classrooms in an orderly fashion whenever it is time to do so with their teachers just providing an indication without even a dismissal bell being used.

Students attending the Leman Manhattan preparatory school are required to have their meals at the cafeteria every Wednesday and allowed to eat elsewhere on other days. Students are however preferring to have their meals in the cafeteria throughout the week.

Facilities to get involved in sports, performing arts and other activities are also provided by the school. Leman is aiming to offer its students a wide range of options which include among them film studies, acting studio and creative writing courses.

The facilities offered by the school will definitely appeal to some students from the elite class in America that may not be concerned about the high fees charged by the school.

Is The Leman Manhattan Preparatory School An Appropriate Choice For Americans?

Does The Average American Student Need The High-Class Facilities Offered by Leman Or High-Quality Education?

After considering that around 600 students from America have enrolled in this school it may be assumed that this facility is only looking forward to catering to the elite that is possibly capable of bearing the high fees charged by the school. The fact that just 100 students from abroad have chosen to use its boarding facilities also points to a similar direction.

Average American students can never ever consider even getting close to the Leman Manhattan Preparatory School because it would be unaffordable for most. Students in America are struggling with student loans and are even delaying important events of life such as purchasing a home or starting a family. Under the circumstances, it is unlikely for average students even to consider visiting this facility for a look at what’s on offer.

Students from around the world may also consider the Leman preparatory school unsuitable for their requirements and may prefer going to Harvard which has a reputation lasting years while Leman inaugurated just in 2005. Harvard is an acknowledged Institute which was established years ago and is charging just $63,000 while Leman charges $79,000. Apart from the higher price tag students may also prefer to choose an Institute which has received worldwide acclaim as compared to the Leman Manhattan preparatory school where the largest USP of the school is the high price tag which is demanded.

The Leman Manhattan preparatory school will continue to attract students from the elite class in America and also some from around the world that may not prefer to experience from Harvard which is located around New England rural fields and may want to spend time in the heart of the largest capital city and financial center of the world. However, it is unlikely to attract hordes of students from America or from across the world that may be putting education ahead of some of the lively luxuries offered by this facility.

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